Alsuffa Audio Library

Read In The Name Of Your Lord Who CreatedThe Al-Suffah Audio Library is a project run by The Blind Resource Foundation Pakistan (BRFP) to provide the Blind individuals an open access through an electronic (on the web) conveyance to peer-explored Urdu Books converted to Audio. The users will have complete access to Urdu Literature and related Audio books over an extensive variety of orders.

Taking into account the limitation of the screen readers to read only the English books and text, the audio books support program will enable the students and individuals to get to the greater part of the imperative Urdu content and reference books available for download in an assortment of branches of knowledge. 

The name Al-Suffah dates back to the Medina Period. During that time, there was a place at the back side of Al-Masjid al-Nabawi which was primarily available for the homeless and unmarried Muhajirin who did not have relatives in Medina. Muhammad S.A.W ordered it to be covered by palm leaves in order to provide shade. Hence the place came to be known as Al-Suffah, which was the first school in Medina that provided knowledge and shelter to the people.

The Online Library's central goal is to create and maintain online Urdu assets and provide high quality audio books narrated by professional readers to support the present and future educating and learning needs of the students, children and teachers alike.